For the New Icons of Fashion

For the New Icons of Fashion
What does it take to be a fashion icon? Well, almost anyone can have their fifteen minutes of fame. So let’s think about the difference between “style” and “fashion.”
Style is how you express yourself. Fashion is how other people react to your style. If your style is innovative enough, it will become the fashion. And, of course, if you’re famous enough, anything you wear is going to become fashionable.
Maybe you’ll never be an international fashion icon, like Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars with her designer minis. Or Natalie Dormer, who’s so hot right now because of her presence in Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games that she could wear an orange plastic leaf bag and a pair of white tube socks and make it a popular look.
What about being a new fashion icon in your school? Think T-shirts. How will you wear them? Over your other clothes? Under them? Instead of? Will you state your message clearly, or just invite people to think? How creative can you be?
Wouldn’t it be great if people could look at what you’re wearing and say, “I want to look like her!” When that happens, your style becomes fashion. Good for you you GO, girl!
Um… or guy. It’s okay for guys to make fashion statements too!

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